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What you need to know

All therapies have their limitations.

  • No therapy can give a 100% guarantee for everyone.

  • I can't alter the past or erase memories, but I can assist you in making positive changes. 

  • I can't magically solve everything with the snap of my fingers.

  • If you experience any emotional reactions, that's normal. We can address them if you would like.

  • You’re always in control.

  • You decide what information you want to share.

  • You must disclose medical and psychological conditions to ensure suitability.

  • I’m required to send a letter to your GP as part of my duty of care.    

  • I appreciate honest feedback; it helps you, myself, and others.                

I believe you do motivation; you don't wait for motivation. You have to take action.
Para-athletes Doing Fist Bump
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